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Resident Alert: Willow Oaks Scale Treatment

It is of the utmost importance that you have your Willow Oaks treated for Lecanium scale! We have a scale infection of our Willow Oak Trees throughout our neighborhood.

Scale is a parasite that produces small dark ladybug-like nodules on the tree branches. It saps and kills the new-growth leaves, darkening mail boxes and driveways with its residual mold droppings and residue. Scale is highly infectious and will spread from tree to tree if left untreated and can re-infect trees that have been treated. Eventually the parasite will kill the tree. Trees need to be treated in the fall or early spring when the parasite is dormant and not crawling.

The Willow Oak trees are foundation trees and it is the Home Owner’s Responsibility to replace the tree with a substantial Willow Oak if the tree dies. The removal of the dead tree and replacement of a 5-to-6 Ft. Willow Oak would cost approximately $500.00 or more. Many of your neighbors have already had their trees treated. So please be responsible and have your trees treated.

Here are several options for treatment:

  • Do it yourself- Bayer Advanced 128 –oz. 12 month Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed Gal Concentrate Liquid- $ 69.79 sold at Lowes
  • Scotts Lawn Care- Call Rodney at 513-615-5353 (cell), $50.00/ tree
  • Arbol Tree Service- Emily Thibeault at 757-890-9831, Call for quote.

2016 Budget

The Adopted Budget and Adopted Budget Narrative for fiscal year 2016 as approved by the Board of Directors of Creekside Landing Homeowners Association has been provided for your review. A budget analysis is performed each year in order to determine the Association’s financial needs for the coming year.

Assessments cover a wide variety of services such as repairs/replacement of the common property, insurance, and grounds maintenance. It also includes irrigation of the common area from the entrance sign to the clubhouse.

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the monthly assessments will remain $53.00 per month for the year 2016. The Board of Directors has been very dedicated as to the expenditures for this association. Even as the cost of doing business has increased, the Board has kept the assessments at $53.00. Going forward, the assessments may have to increase to cover the cost of landscaping, insurance, maintenance and contributions to the Replacement Reserve Account.

A big congratulations to the Creekside Landing September Yard of the Month Winner: 108 Merchant Man Court!


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