Announcing the Creekside Landing Archaeological Investigation:


Attention Creekside Landing Residents: A fox that was found dead in a ditch in Queens Lake was tested positive for Rabies by the VA Dept. of Health. The Dept. of Health stresses that this fox was not seen attacking anyone. 

A meeting is being coordinated at the Queens Lake Middle School this week (day will be announced shortly) at 6:30pm in the auditorium, where the Regional Director of Environmental Health & one of the State Veterinarians for VA Dept. of Health, will be giving a presentation on Rabies and answer all of your questions.

What to do in the meantime: You don’t need to be afraid of the wildlife, but like always, keep your distance and respect wildlife. Please also make sure your pets are current with their rabies

*You don’t need to over vaccinate, but you can ask your vet to do a simple blood test called a “Titer,” where they test the blood to see if there are enough antibodies in the system to protect against rabies. This should be done in older pets and pets with known illnesses anyway – including Lyme. If the titer shows your dog needs to boost their antibodies, then the booster shot can be done. If the antibodies are at a proper level to protect against the disease, the blood test will show you.

All animal control offices, including York County, honor titer tests. All you need to do is use a copy of the test results and a vet’s note when you submit your license papers.

 For more information, visit this site about Titers & learn more from the CDC.

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