Neighborhood Pool Information:

View the 2017 Pool Rules & Regulations and 2017 Kids Swimming Permission Form here.
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Upcoming Events/Announcements:

View the September 18, 2017 BOD Meeting Package here.

A message from the Creekside 1-64 Expansion Committee: Here is the July/August update on phase I and II of the I-64 widening  project from VDOT. The Creekside Landing Sound Wall should be included in phase III of the project. View the video.

Community Lighting Project: Review the letter that was sent to homeowners. Below is the proposed neighborhood map of the project.

CSL Lighting Map

A great time was had by all at the Labor Day BBQ! Thanks to everyone who came out.


Creekside Landing Board of Directors Community Announcements: July 2017

I-64 Expansion Committee

During the June 19th monthly meeting the HOA Board authorized the creation of a committee for the purpose of monitoring the RT 64 expansion project and communicating any and all concerns, observations, announcements, schedules, etc. to the HOA and VDOT. Anyone living in Creekside is welcome to join. We hope to get 4-5 people who would be willing to participate. Anyone interested in joining please contact any of the HOA Board members. A list of volunteers will be made and a first meeting will be arranged.

Trail Repair – Volunteers Wanted

At the last Homeowners Board Meeting one person recommended that we try to get volunteers to do the trail repair work that’s needed to safely access the pier from the Corvette side of the development. If you’ve been on this trail you know it can be slippery. Paying a contractor to do the work might cost us thousands of dollars as it is a somewhat large endeavor. One possible plan is to pay for a drafting of the trail and list of materials, and we would setup a weekend or two to get it all done. Anyone interested in joining please contact any of the HOA Board Members. A list of volunteers will be made and a first meeting will be arranged.

General Announcements

  • Over the past several months we have noted some minor and major violations within the Creekside Landing community and we wanted to get our message out to as many as we can. First, let me say that all of us want to live in a beautiful and safe community, and to be frank, it is beautiful and safe. One of the main reasons for this is that just about everyone follows the rules. So every now and then we need to make a reminder.
  • Yard maintenance is always a talking point. We’ve seen lots of great yards lately! Please remember to properly dispose of the grass and brush trimmings. We noticed that there has been dumping of yard debris along a few of the trails. This is not allowed. If you see anyone dumping, please take note and pass it on to the HOA Board. We’ll take action.
  • Next item is about ‘fences’. Remember, we’re supposed to, “… regularly repaired/maintained to like new condition.” For those whose fences that have aged and turned gray, there are various inexpensive products you can spray onto the fence and wash off minutes later with your water hose. Doesn’t have to be power washed though power washing does a great job. Additionally, fences must be in good repair. Fence gates and side boards should be aligned and hung properly. Fence lines should not encroach upon the front of the home. Over the next several months we’ll be reviewing ARB records. Remember, installing a fence or shed requires an ARB application.
  • Mailbox replacement is becoming an issue. Our mailboxes are about 12-13 years old. Finding an identical replacement doesn’t appear likely. The following links will direct you to mailbox replacements that match the community as close as possible:
  • Lastly, painting of doors and shutters. A rule change is forthcoming that will allow for possible different colors/stains, going from one color for the doors and shutters to two different colors. It was noted that many homes in the housing market have two colors and it is quite attractive.  The selection of the colors will require an ARB application.
  • Families, let’s remember to put those toys, bikes, equipment, etc. in the back yard or garage. Leaving items out in the front yard is non-compliant. We’ve seen several houses where items have been out for weeks, and even months. It’s time to move these items to the backyard. Plus, leaving things out can make for an easy theft if someone wanted to. I hope we don’t have any thieves in our neighborhood but some months ago we had some unwanted folks come thru our neighborhood looting and ransacking our cars.

Thank you all for your understanding!

 Summer 2017 Newsletter
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